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About Us

Shree Lakshmee Homes & Infrastructures was started with an aim to create soulful spaces and graceful homes for a quality living. Shree Lakshmee Homes & Infrastructures is a development firm in real estate, which will be developing residential and commercial spaces across udupi.

We aim at delighting each and every customer by taking care of minute details and striving to enhance the quality of life within a community, by identifying basic needs that can be provided and supported for. We also strongly believe in committing ourselves to the quality of each and every aspect of a property right from design, architecture, construction, detailing, and finishing.

This combined with uncompromising values, robust engineering, and transparency has made Shree Lakshmee Homes & Infrastructures a highly demanded brand for residential and commercial spaces.

Our Proprietor

Our proprietor had started this business in 1999 at Temple City of 'UDUPI' and was involved in minor construction oriented projects. Our proprietor was also involved in many other small scale businesses; But our proprietor's interest in developing quality homes, commercial property and his eagerness to earn more knowledge in the same attracted him into

the full time business of a property developer, Our proprietor ended up founding "Shree Lakshmee Homes & Infrastructures "in 2012 and since then his firm & Our proprietor have been specifically involved in hardcore construction to provide a quality, price convenient homes & commercial space to the respective buyers.

Armed with the knowledge earned in more than a decade of small scale construction projects and innovative ideas for our upcoming projects embodied with his team of hardworking and capable employees have put our heart and soul in bringing our clients some of our finest residential and commercial projects to satisfy the tastes and interests of the respective buyers.

Every new project since the inception of our company has been filled with lot of different challenges and our enthusiasm to overcome all the hurdles to get our clients the best possible amenities keeps us ticking and this is why we differ from the most. We assure you that the same will be followed further to provide our existing clientele and also the new interested buyers.

Our proprietor invite you to come and be a part of our growth story and give us an opportunity to provide you the best that we have to offer in housing and commercial realty.